Monday, January 04, 2010

Today was the first day back to work after the Christmas season. I am sure many rolled over and hit the snooze an extra time. I don't doubt that some were a little later than usual. I am quite confident that some needed an extra cup of coffee. Maybe some were like me and did all three??

But there is always one thing that is exciting about the first day back. Something that helps to put a a spring in your step. That one item that makes the day seem a little bit brighter.

And what shall it be? The new wool scarf from your chic grandma? Maybe the lovely pair of angora socks from your twin daughters? A glittery bracelet that was tucked into your stocking from your handsome fiance? Or the new sweater you bought yourself with Christmas money? Was it the new underwear from your mom? The engraved cufflinks from your loving wife? Or were you one of the extra blessed who got to drive to work in their new shiny red car from your fabulous hubby?

As I made my way to the office, I spotted some carrying bags of items they need to return. I saw others carrying their lunch in the coveted Holt Renfrew bag. I saw one lady who was most certainly wearing  a new hat and another who was sporting new boots. More than a couple people were walking to the beat of the music on their new iphone. And I am sure there was more than one office full of sqealing girls admiring a new hair do or captively listening to a New Year's engagement story whilst gazing longingly at a sparkling diamond ring!

For me? I was proudly wearing the new little earing from my nephews - they truly do have fabulous taste (thanks Kim) and a new pair of socks. Tomorrow? I'm going to look extra saucy with my freshly straightened hair (love it Mom)!


Mom said...

Cool. Yes Being able to wear something new after Christmas does make the New Year bright. I remember 38 years ago when I was able to go back to work with a beautiful sparkling diamond on my finger!!! This year we are enjoying many good cups of coffee from the beautiful coffee maker(yum), thanks to our wonderful family. Many blessings to you in this New Year.

Jules said...

wow - i don't think i really knew that you were engaged on your christmas break from work :) thanks for sharing mom!!

glad you enjoying the coffee!!! come feb let dad know that jimmy and i expecting some freshly ground delightfulness saturday morn!!!