Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am so very blessed

This year, for whatever reason, has been an exceptionally overwhelming Christmas season. I am not too sure why - am I just getting to that age or has the year been that much harder. I can tell you one reason for sure has been facing the reality of sickness and death. Each year seems to bring about that much more of each!

But as I take a moment to sit and be I am again flooded with memories of what makes Christmas so very special:
  • the reason for the season - that we have hope for an eternal life and a savior to mercifully redeem us
  • the many hugs that are freely passed around without a care in the world - take that H1N1
  • warm cookies straight from the oven
  • pot after pot of delicious coffee
  • flying wrapping paper as children experience the joy of getting
  • watching the smiles of the childs faces as adults experience the joy of receiving
  • wearing the brand new christmas sweater and thinking about the dear friend that gave it to you
  • seeing gramps old nut bowls with dear family gathered round telling jokes and shelling peanuts
  • a candy cane dipped in eggnog
  • twinkling of the snow as you come home from another late night spent with friends and family
  • the Grinch!! (both the cartoon and my pops)
  • sitting around the tree with only the christmas lights on
  • the plentitude that was given to me
  • a photo album filled with such lovely memories of the past few years
  • the whispered i love you's
  • sticky fingers doing my hair with a multitude of elastics and clips
  • little ones declaring their bowl of jello is 'baby' sized - my mercies!!
  • chocolate mustaches
  • family games
  • quiet visits with dear aunts
  • dreaming about the new year on the horizon


Auntie Jules Christmas Photo Album


Mom said...

Christmas was special and we were so glad to have all of you home for Christmas Eve. and Christmas Day. We are blessed. Dad commented that he didn't think he was a scrooge though!!(ha ha)
The pictures are awesome.

Jules said...

lol - i was wondering what dad would say to that one :)O