Thursday, March 30, 2006

Damsel in Distress

Okay I shared this at group last night but figured those of you unable to make it would enjoy this as well so here goes.

Well I was all dolled up on Tuesday complete with fish net (the office appropriate style) hose and my little shoes. I was sitting in my cubicle speaking with David Murray. Seen as how none of you know David Murray I will divert to spend a small amount of time describing this as it is important to the humor of the story.

David Murray is a gentleman that has been with Entero for a number of years. His hair is completely white, he sports a little mooostahhhhche (the accent is definitely appropriate in this setting), and is very purposeful and methodical about his speech and actions. (The kind of man I am sure I drive nuts in I hope a humorous way as I am all over the map and he likes to draw pictures and boxes and lines to describe everything.) This gentleman is a true gentleman, has a heart of pure gold, absolutely adores his wife and loves talking about her and sips his tea with his pinky out not because he is not masculine but because that is how you do things with proper etiquette. He speaks very slowly and I often catch him saying to me – okay just wait, let’s look here, oh – go back for a second I wasn’t finished over there, etc. etc.

So we are sitting at my desk – myself behind it and David at the rounded corner discussing an issue in the application. For comfort purposes I often kick my shoes off under my desk and did just that. When suddenly I realized that my fishnet were stuck on something in the carpet. I tried to wiggle my foot around to release it but that didn’t work. It was to the point where I could no longer concentrate on the issue at hand as I was too preoccupied by my foot and then I started to giggle. David gives me this strange eyeball wondering what it is I am giggling about when I suddenly stand up as well as I could, push my chair aside and disappear under the desk giggling quite enthusiastically at this point trying to choke out a request for David to excuse me. Well of course David is querying as to what is wrong and all I can get out is my hose, my hose. Finally after trying to release the hose to no avail for a few seconds I manage to explain that I think my hose is caught on a staple. Well then David is ready to jump in and help (being the gentleman that he is – always willing to rescue a damsel in distress)! So then he comes under the desk on the other side and is working away. Well now what a sight – here we both are under the desk giggling uncontrollably. And I must say it did take a good minute or two to detach my foot from this staple. Needless to say we were the joke of the office for the rest of the day!!


Sarah & Lee in the M.E. said...

that is quite the visual image! I can only imagine how it looked for someone actually witnessing the amusing event. Thank goodness hose season is soon behind us. Well it is always behind me in this crazy sauna of a country!

Jules said...

Let me tell you - it was quite the sight. I told mom and dad the story and dad was dying! Yet another one to add to his repitoire of my jokes to tell when we have company over :)