Sunday, December 08, 2013

And so it continues

Ah yes - it continues indeed!

I was to fly in to Pittsburgh this evening so that I could spend Monday on site with the client. But alas - if you haven't checked the weather across various cities in the mid-west and through to the Eastern seaboard (specifically Chicago) you might want to check it out.

I once again find myself in a Chicago hotel looking at an afternoon departure tomorrow. Oh well - only God can control the weather!

So alas - I will relax in my room and make the most of this little delay in my week.

I am a single traveler with carry on luggage and the ability to get a hotel room. There are so many others out there with children, or who can't get to their luggage, or who can't afford a hotel room. And so for this I am blessed.

Good night from Chicago all1

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Mom said...

So glad you had a hotel room to stay in, also happy you made it to Pittsburgh on Tues.The weather seems to be even worse in Fort Worth. It is good you didn't have to go there this week but then you could have taken your skates!!!