Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Memories

This spring and early summer has certainly been a time to build family memories. I love moments like these, family dinners, reminiscing, inside jokes and knowing that they always have your back.

We just finished hosting Mom and Dad Farrell as well as Uncle Roy and Aunt Roselle. We were blessed to have them out in Calgary for a little over a week. The time positively flew by with such moments as:

- family dinners
- drive to the mountains
- an interesting play that has me suspectful of my neighbors now
- delicious lobsters
- meeting a special someone
- watching elks
- household chores and dump runs
- appies on a freshly painted deck (i had nothing to do with the work - just enjoyed the final result)
- morning coffees and evening chats

Wish you could have stayed a little longer, mom and dad - there were so many things we didn't get a moment to do. But alas - lots of items on the list for next time.

And Saturday I head to the farm to see my family. So excited to squeeze the nephews tight, share coffee on the deck with Kim, have relaxing chats over lunch with ma and pa, and admire Trev's hard work. Jimmy can't make this trip but no worries - there is still the weekend home for my little cousin's wedding (the second youngest of us - mercies!) and then a family weekend out at Cypress Hill's (really looking forward to that mom!).

And you know what the best part of the coming week is? I won't have a stitch of work to check in on nor catch up on!


Mom said...

It will be so good to have you home for more than 48 hours!!We will miss you Jimmy. Really looking forward to being together for our little family camping time!! What better way to celebrate our 40th.

Robin said...

Glad you are going to be able to relax and have a little family time! Have fun - see you in July!