Saturday, May 12, 2012

--- 1 ---
Pizza on Friday has quickly become a little tradition for Jimmy and I.  It is the perfect way to end a crazy week. Especially since we both love it sooo much. Tonight rather than take out and relaxing at home with a movie it was this little pizza shop in Inglewood that I have been wanting to try for a while - Without Papers. Jimmy arranged the date out and I loved every minute of it. After another successful week at the office we headed directly over their and lucked out with a little table for 2. The Hog Wild and Hutch were our selections and both were equally delicious. (And we just might have come home for a little ice cream treat for dessert . . . )

I would highly recommend this restaurant - the staff were great, the ingredients so fresh and the atmosphere hopping. I would also highly recommend trying to nab a table earlier than later on a Friday night - especially if you land with a group larger than 2 and are starving.

--- 2 ---
Over dinner Jimmy told me that when he was researching pizza joints, he came across one which is owned by a guy who fell in love with Neapolitan style pizza while travelling. I cannot wait to travel through Italy. It is one of those countries that I dream of living in for 6 months or maybe 8 or even a year. I do hope that one day I get an international opportunity for work.

I dream of sitting at a table like this, enjoying a delicious meal of pasta and fresh cheese with bread . . .

Overlooking a view like this . . .

If Jimmy and I make this dream come true will any of you come visit???

--- 3 ---
It is pictures like the outdoor space above that gets me so excited about creating an outdoor oasis for ourselves in our own back yard. I would love to have a little outdoor fireplace, a cozy hot tub, a big huge rustic table for entertaining and a lovely little island for the bbq.

The backyard on the show Parenthood is gorgeous. I love the mix and match chairs and the big wooden table. The whimsical lights. It certainly emulates the feel I would like to replicate in our backyard.

We need a cool gate - it sets the tone I think.

A bbq island is a great way to set up an outdoor buffet, tuck a little fridge and plug in a blender to make a delicious watermelon lemonade.

I love the idea of a fire in the backyard but not necessarily a fire pit. So why not a fireplace? You can still roast marshmallows and make smores, enjoy the warmth and make banana boats . . .

--- 4 ---
If I had a Pinterest account, I guess all of this would be detailed there. But I must admit, I haven't jumped on that bandwagon yet. Not really too sure I understand it - do you? It looks like you just pin pics to categories. But don't you want to add some words - a little context - have the recipe for the watermelon lemonade?? Maybe I am just too chatty for Pinterest. That must be it!

--- 5 ---
Since i piqued your interest around the watermelon freeze, I figure I better not make you wait any longer. Here it is from one of my favorite blogs: Smitten Kitchen

from Smitten Kitchen
Makes enough to fill two glasses with ice cubes; we quadrupled it to fill a pitcher. We already need more.
1/4 cup (2 ounces) fresh-squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup (4 ounces) fresh watermelon puree, strained through a coarse strainer to remove seeds
3 tablespoons (1 1/2 ounces) simple syrup*
3/4 cup (6 ounces) cold water

Stir it all together and serve over ice. Garnish it with a thin watermelon or lemon wedge, if you’re feeling fancy.

--- 6 ---
Watermelon is my favorite summer fruit. I love how refreshing it is - so juicy and cold. I could have watermelon every day! Definitely what makes a summer picnic extra delightful.

--- 7 ---
I would like to try my hand at jam this summer. I had pineapple jam in Bali and it was incredible. Maybe I should try to make some watermelon jam? Bet that would be yummy!

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Sandra said...

If you move to Italy and invite me...I would certainly come :)! I might even bring the rest of my clan. And you should try making jam- so easy. Fun post, Jules!

Jules said...

You are most certainly invited!! The whole family is... Yay.

I'm gonna hold you to the jam encouragement... 😃