Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A quick update on the roller blading adventures . . .

I headed out to Baker Park again on Sunday to hone my skills. This little couple in their 70's passed me walking (yes I said they walked passed me as I was attempting to roller blade) as the lady encouraged me saying 'I am so proud of you love. You keep it up. You are doing great love'.

I can only imagine the determination that must have been on my face at that moment as my legs shakily skated me to the path following Jimmy who was far ahead.

I found a great little spot that was fairly deserted considering the first annual Bownesian bbq was being held in the roundabout area complete with a band, hot dogs and hamburgers and children's entertainment. As I skated up and down, gaining confidence and speed with each pass, I received many smiles of encouragement any time I would look somehwere other than the 3 feet expanse in front of me as I navigated around cracks and sticks. I also heard the odd encouraging phrase: 'keep it up', 'you're getting the hang of it' and 'looking good'.

Although by the end of my outing, I was starting to wonder if these were actually smiles of pity and phrases of sympathy...

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