Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where'd you go

It feels like I had lost myself for a while. And not just a little while either. It was quite a long while. Or maybe it just felt like a long while. But alas, I think I found my way back.

You see, I had really started to embrace my crazy, quasi spastic life. Or perhaps not so much life but the effect my life seemed to have on others whether they be dear friends or strangers and the humorous things that God seemed to place in my path when I was least expecting it.

I found myself being too busy to notice those around me, to hear the murmurings, to dance while cleaning the kitchen and to laugh until my sides hurt.

But I can promise you, I can feel the change in the breezes that blow across my face. The air smells a little fresher. And the peeps around me - just a little bit crazier.

I love it!!!!

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