Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Hate Being Sick Away From Home

So here I am hailing from beautiful Dallas where it is 25 degrees even at 7pm, a tonne of fabulous restaurants within walking distance, beautiful parks, fabulous shopping and what am I doing . . . let me tell you what I am doing . . . hanging in my hotel room drinking gingerale and all that might entail. Yes - that means I arrived in this lovely city on Monday and by Monday night I was wishing I was no longer alive. Tuesday was a complete blur and it is now 8:15 Wednesday night, I am ready for a little TV and bed after barely making it through the day at the office. Trying to hold off long enough to down another of those two little happy pills otherwise known as Advil and finish my glass of gingerale. My travel luck has been non-existent as of late. On a bright note though - I was approached in Walmart tonight by some lady who want to use me as a model in her profile book because I have an 'exotic' look about me . . . I can see it - being from Canada and all. We do have the lily white skin as it never sees sunlight, frizzy hair that can't quite handle the southern humidity and most importantly according to James we are amazingly tall . . . all in all an exotic amazon I am a thinking!

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